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Siegel Trust Enriching Art & Music, fondly known as the STEAM FUND at CFOS, is committed to supporting musical, artistic and educational opportunities in communities and schools in the Sullivan Catskills and beyond.

We safely and securely accept donations through (CFOS) Community Foundation of Sullivan County, a tax exempt, non-profit, publicly supported, philanthropic institution.

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At STEAM FUND, our core mission revolves around supporting musicians, artists, and venues as they share their talents with the world through our initiative known as Mission One Gig At A Time MOGAAT. In addition to this, we are dedicated to providing Arts In Education programs that delve into important topics like social emotional learning, health, mindfulness, nutrition, peace, love, and equality for individuals of all ages – from children to teens and even adults. Furthermore, we are proud to offer scholarships for eligible graduating seniors, empowering them to pursue their dreams and aspirations in the arts. Join us in our mission to empower creativity and education – together, we can make a difference, one gig at a time!

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real food rules in elementary & middle schools

Lettuce introduce you to the Real Food Songwriting Program, led by the dynamic duo Beth and Scott Bierko! This melodic program is hitting all the right notes in elementary and middle schools. If you want to see the harmony in action, check out the videos below featuring the talented Sullivan BOCES students, teachers, and administrators. If you’re hungry for more and interested in bringing this tuneful program to your school or organization, don’t be shy – pea-se reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s join forces and inspire the next generation to groove to the beat of informed and healthy food choices!

mission: one gig at a time

STEAM FUND is dedicated to uplifting musicians, artists, and venues through our MOGAAT (Mission One Gig At A Time) initiative. By sponsoring renowned music festivals like BOLD GOLD and HPAC Sullivan County, among others, STEAM is actively contributing to the cultural vibrancy of the community.

programs, news & events

full steam ahead healthy habits initiative

STEAM Fund proudly participated in the 46th Annual 98.3 WSUL Heart-A-Thon, alongside Bold Gold Media and the Sullivan Catskills Visitors Association, where a remarkable $84,000 was raised to support the prevention, education, and treatment of heart disease in the local community. A portion of the funds will go towards STEAM’s Healthy Habit Initiative, aimed at fostering a positive impact on health through music, songwriting, nutrition, mindfulness, and movement, empowering children to make healthier choices. It is an honor for STEAM Fund to stand alongside Sullivan 180, A Single Bite, and Garnet Health Catskills as beneficiaries of this impactful event.

john lennon® real love project

In Spring, 2021, STEAM FUND at CFOS partnered with Theatre Within to launch the world premier of the JOHN LENNON® REAL LOVE PROJECT for the students at Livingston Manor Central School, a visionary music and songwriting program that uses John Lennon’s songs and timeless message of peace, love, and gender/racial equality to inspire creative expression, kindness and positive social action.

STEAM Fund has continued that partnership by bringing this program to seven districts in the Sullivan Catskills, most recently at the Emma C Chase Elementary School in Wurtsboro, NY.  (Monticello CSD)  READ MORE

mindfulness in motion residency program

Mindfulness In Motion Residency Program is facilitated by our talented teaching artists Beth  Scott and Friends. Recently, this innovative program was proudly hosted by the Liberty Middle School Wellness Committee as part of their dedicated wellness initiative for this academic school year.  

During this engaging four-day program, students have the opportunity to participate in mindfulness activities integrated into their gym classes. Led by experienced professionals, the program equips students with essential social-emotional tools to navigate everyday challenges, thus fostering academic and social growth.  From enhancing problem-solving skills to promoting self-discipline, impulse control, and emotion management, the Mindfulness In Motion Residency Program lays a solid foundation for positive, long-term impacts on students, the school environment, and the wider community. 

real food songwriting program

On June 14th, 2023 STEAM launched the REAL FOOD SONGWRITING Program at Livingston Manor Central School.  Since the launch STEAM has brought this program to Liberty Middle School (October, 2023) and Sullivan BOCES (November 2023). Help us to bring this incredible program to more schools.  READ MORE.  

View the Real Love Rules Video performed by the talented LMCS 5th & 6th Graders

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View the Mid-Hudson News Segment – Real food Song Program at Liberty

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educational opportunities for children: workshops & assemblies

At STEAM, we are dedicated to enriching lives through our diverse Arts In Education programs. Our programs cater to Pre-K, Elementary, Middle & High School children, as well as adults, focusing on essential topics such as Social Emotional Learning, Mindfulness, Health, Anti-Bullying, Coping Strategies, Nutrition, Diversability, and core values like Love, Peace, Equality, Brotherhood, and Sisterhood.  STEAM FUND collaborates closely with public school administrators, principals, teachers, and various organizations to bring these impactful programs to schools and organizations. Our experienced teaching artists ensure the delivery of high-quality programs that resonate with individuals through arts and music.

If you are an administrator, educator, or part of the PTA, CONTACT US today to discover how we can introduce these exceptional programs to your school and community. Let’s work together to inspire, educate, and uplift through the power of arts in education.

The Real Food
Songwriting Program

STEAM Fund is thrilled to partner with A Single Bite to present The Real Food Song Program to school children. This innovative program aims to educate students about the origins and importance of food, fostering a positive impact on their choices and habits. Through thought-provoking questions and creative songwriting activities, students will have the opportunity to explore the meaning of food, its sources, and its impact on our well-being. If you are interested in bringing this engaging program to your school or organization, please reach out to us at [email protected]. Let’s inspire the next generation to make informed and healthy food choices! 



John Lennon Real Love Project  (JLRLP) – Grades 3-8

STEAM Fund, in partnership with Theatre Within, is proud to bring the JLRLP to Public School Children.  The JLRLP is a visionary songwriting program for public school children where the students first learn about John Lennon’s life, music and highest values of peace, love and equality.  Then, under the guidance of our teaching artists, they write their own lyrics to John’s song Real Love and then record their own version of the song accompanied by John’s original piano and vocal tracks.  A video for each school is then posted on the John Lennon Tribute YouTube Channel for all to see.  The project is endorsed by Yoko Ono and the Lennon Estate.  READ MORE

Watch the incredible Tri-Valley Elementary School John Lennon Real Love Project Video


In the Spring of 2023 STEAM FUND at CFOS 
launched the world premier of “ALIVE AGAIN” featuring Singer-songwriter and trauma survivor, Theresa Sareo for public school children in Livingston Manor and Roscoe.  In the fall of 2023, we brought the program to Liberty High School and the Monticello Central School District’s RJK Middle School.   In the Spring of 2024, STEAM will be presenting the ALIVE AGAIN program to Veteran’s as the recipient of this year’s Make A Difference Grant presented by the Community Foundation of Orange & Sullivan.    READ MORE

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This impactful program provides students the space to express their own ideas regarding compassion, empathy, kindness, respect and their aspirations in life in reference to disabilities and acceptance.  


Beth and Scott Bierko are a husband and wife team of award-winning, singer-songwriters and arts-ineducation specialists specializing in social emotional learning (SEL).

Since 1993, Beth & Scott have performed thousands of cultural arts programs including school assemblies, camp and library concerts and interactive workshops for children, teens and adults.  READ MORE

Professional Development Programs

STEAM Fund provides professional development workshops that equip participants with practical strategies for stress reduction using mindfulness and breathing exercises. By implementing these techniques, participants enhance their overall well-being, increase their resilience, and create a positive environment.

We offer workshops that integrate care, music and motion offering a variety of versions of the workshop allowing flexibility to accommodate different time constraints.  READ MORE

Download AIE & SEL Educational Opportunities Info Packages Here

STEAM FUND is proud to award scholarships for deserving graduating seniors in our community.

STEAM’s Scholarship program provides Music Achievement Awards and the John Philip Sousa Award to graduating seniors in Livingston Manor and Liberty annually.


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